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Political Candidates

Political Campaigns

Voter Data System Management

  • Fully Automated Voter Communication

  • Personalized Voice Tech - Scale Your Personalized Voice Messaging (NEW, HOT)

  • Eternal Email Newsletter Management - Send Newsletters on Auto-Pilot

  • SMS Opt-in Tools - GREAT for fundraising

  • Voter/Contact Engagement Scoring

  • Exclusive Fund Raising Strategies & Tactics

  • Website and Funnel Templates

  • SMS, Email, and Voice Communications

  • ... MUCH MORE

Michael Lucy

Political Consultant & Product Manager

501c3's, Non-Profits, and Churches

Michael Lucy

501c3 Product Manager


501c3, Non-Profits, Churches

  • Fully Automated Donation Management

  • Fundraising, sponsor, and partner prospecting tools

  • SMS/MMS Compliant

  • $100 FREE SMS and Voice Credits

  • FREE Email Management

  • All Standard CRM Features

  • Website and Funnel Templates

  • SMS, Email, and Voice Communications

  • Automated Donations Certificates and Personalized MMS

  • ... SO MUCH MORE

REI - Real Estate Investing


Real Estate Investing

  • Fully Automated Prospecting

  • Multiple Lead Vendors and Services

  • SMS/MMS Compliant (Never get shut down)

  • Pre-foreclosure, Code Violations, Absentee's,

    Website and Funnel Templates

  • Skip Tracing Tools

  • Automate ALL Your Communications

Dave Montano

REI Product Manager


(Scroll down the page to read about each)

  • SMS Opt-In (Digital Business Card with Automatic SMS opt-ins!)

  • Personalized SMS/MMS (New)

  • Personalized Certificates (New)

  • Eternal Newsletter (New) - Never write a newsletter ever again!

  • Eternal Voice Technology - Send personalized audio messages!


  • Omni-Conversational Screen (ONE OF A KIND!!!)

  • Contacts Email and SMS Drips

  • Templates

  • Newsletters

  • Web/Funnel Builder

  • Social Media Dashboard (post directly from CRM to all social)

  • Automations

  • Email/SMS Campaigns

  • eCommerce

  • PayPal/Stripe Integration ... SO Much More


  • One month of one-on-one training (7 total sessions) & Support Included (4 tickets per month and/or 1 hour)

  • Custom Help & Training Modules

  • Always willing and able to jump on Zoom during business hours

Many things claim to unique and powerful..


I've seen enough, I need this!

Small Business Consulting, CPA's, and Commercial Loans

Dave Montano

CPA, Loans, & Small Business Product Manager


CPA's, Loans, Small Business

  • Automated Prospecting & Lead Generation

  • Multiple Lead Vendors and Sources

  • SMS/MMS Compliant (Never get shut down)

  • Built in Loan Processing

  • Website and Funnel Templates

  • Referral and Affiliate Programs

  • Content Management

  • Save Time, Save Money, Peace of Mind +++


In case you didn't know, a CRM is a customer relationship management system. But we hesitate so much to limit the tools of this software by calling it by that name that we and our clients often just refer to as THE ETERNAL SYSTEM. Or, for emphasis, THE System (as in THE System to end all systems)

That's all fine and great to say, but what does it mean to my organization or business, you may ask. Well. Let's break it down some.

Think for a moment of how many of the following products you currently use, how much they cost you...and if you even feel they're worth it (maybe you don't use them often enough to justify paying for the subscription...or maybe you never really felt comfortable using some of them but can't figure out a way to replace what you do know about it with something else).


And by the way, we believe in transparency. We didn't build THE SYSTEM, it's called GoHighLevel (GHL)...we just design, develop and program products to make it better .



But you do have to act fast, this is a JULY ONLY PROMO


  • Automated Text (SMS & MMS) Email, & Ringless Voicemail Messaging

  • Connect With Website Chat & Facebook Messenger

  • Funnel and Website Builder

  • Detailed Client Dashboard With Lead/Donor Conversion & Reporting Data

  • Send Automated Reviews To Customers and./or Donors

  • Appointment Booking & Calendar Scheduling (BEST IN CLASS)

  • Desktop & Mobile App To View Data & Interact With Leads

  • Real-Time Notifications

  • Activate ‘Force Call’ To Instantly Speak With New Leads

  • Access The ‘Dialer’ To Make Calls, Record Calls, & Track Call History

  • "Smart” Opportunity Pipelines

  • Unlimited Integrations To Other Platforms

  • Import & Export Customer Lists

  • Broadcast Messaging

  • ...and MUCH MUCH More!

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We have been working building operational, sales, and marketing solutions for over 12 years for large corporations and small organizations alike. We understand the goals and needs of non-profits specifically. We've launched hundreds of successful websites, campaigns and systems for non-profits, organizations, campaigns, and businesses with a proven track record of attaining BOTTOM LINE RESULTS!

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Basic License SaaS

$29 / Month

  • Basic GHL Location License

  • Training

  • Membership Course

  • Access to FB Group

  • ... + More

Premium License SaaS

$197 / Month

  • Premium GHL Location License

  • Training

  • Membership Course

  • Access to FB Group

  • ... + More

$997 One Time

  • GHL Snapshot

  • Zapier/Make/Pabbly Templates

  • Training

  • Membership Course

  • Access to FB Group

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9 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Email Marketing to Increase Donations

July 26, 20236 min read


In the digital age, nonprofit organizations have access to a myriad of powerful tools to promote their missions and raise funds. One of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies is email marketing. By harnessing the potential of email campaigns, nonprofits can not only engage with their audience but also increase donations significantly. In this article, we will explore the various ways nonprofits can leverage email marketing to build stronger donor relationships, inspire action, and drive impactful fundraising efforts.

9 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Email Marketing to Increase Donations

Email marketing is a powerful tool for impactful fundraising. Below are 9 ways to leverage email marketing efforts to boost nonprofit donations.

Build and Grow an Engaged Subscriber List

The foundation of successful email marketing for nonprofits lies in cultivating a robust and engaged subscriber list. Encourage website visitors, event attendees, and social media followers to sign up for your email updates. Offer incentives like exclusive content, early access to events, or compelling storytelling to attract potential donors to subscribe. As you build your list, remember that quality matters more than quantity. Aim for a list of individuals genuinely interested in your cause, as they are more likely to respond positively to your messages.

Personalization and Segmentation

Generic mass emails often get lost in the clutter of an inbox, but personalized messages stand out and make a lasting impact. Segment your email list based on donor preferences, interests, and donation history. By tailoring content to specific groups, you can deliver more relevant and compelling messages. Use the recipient's name, include references to their previous contributions, and target them with stories that resonate with their interests. Personalized emails demonstrate that you value each donor individually, increasing the likelihood of higher engagement and donations.

Craft Compelling and Emotional Storytelling

Emotional storytelling is a powerful tool for nonprofits to connect with their audience and inspire action. Share impactful stories of real people whose lives have been positively impacted by your organization's work. Use vivid language, images, and videos to create an emotional connection with your readers. A compelling narrative can evoke empathy and drive donors to take action, knowing that their contributions make a genuine difference.

Engage Regularly with a Well-Planned Email Calendar

Consistency is key to building trust and maintaining engagement. Create a well-planned email calendar that outlines the frequency and timing of your communications. Avoid overwhelming your subscribers with daily messages, but don't let long gaps between emails lead to disengagement. Strike a balance and use your email calendar strategically, aligning your campaigns with significant events, holidays, or impactful milestones.

Showcase Impact and Transparency

Donors want to know that their contributions are making a difference. Use email marketing as a platform to showcase the impact of your nonprofit's work. Share success stories, statistics, and achievements to demonstrate the tangible results of your efforts. Additionally, be transparent about your financials and how donations are used. When donors trust that their money is being used wisely, they are more likely to continue supporting your cause.

Call-to-Action and Ease of Donation

Always include a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) in your emails. Encourage readers to take specific actions, such as donating, volunteering, or sharing the message with friends and family. Make the donation process simple and accessible by providing direct links to your donation page. The easier it is for donors to contribute, the more likely they are to follow through.

Express Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of expressing gratitude. Thank your donors promptly and genuinely for their contributions. Send personalized thank-you emails, acknowledging their support and the impact it will have on your cause. Showing appreciation not only strengthens your relationship with existing donors but also encourages them to become long-term supporters. Technology and automation can help with this many realize if you think outside the box. One nonprofit, Children With Hair Loss, sends custom, personalized certificates of appreciation for donations and support (and since they use an automated process for this it doesn't take additional time away from their mission).

Host Virtual Fundraising Events

Hosting virtual fundraising events is a fantastic way for nonprofits to engage their supporters and drive donations through email marketing. Whether it's a virtual gala, auction, or a live-streamed awareness event, emails can be instrumental in promoting and inviting donors to participate. Send out personalized invitations to your email list, detailing the event's purpose, date, and how their contributions will make a difference. Follow up with reminder emails as the event date approaches, and consider providing a sneak peek of what attendees can expect. During and after the event, use email updates to showcase the impact of the funds raised and express gratitude to all the participants. Virtual events offer a unique opportunity to create a sense of community among donors, making them more likely to contribute and support future campaigns.

Implement Email Drip Campaigns

An email drip campaign is a series of automated, scheduled emails designed to nurture relationships with donors over time. These campaigns can be highly effective in converting potential donors who may need more time to make a decision. Instead of a single fundraising appeal, a drip campaign allows you to tell a more comprehensive and compelling story about your organization's work, impact, and the significance of each donation. Start with an introductory email, followed by subsequent emails that highlight different aspects of your nonprofit's mission and achievements. As you nurture the relationship, consider incorporating testimonials, success stories, and updates on ongoing projects. Include clear calls-to-action in each email, leading recipients to your donation page. Drip campaigns enable nonprofits to stay top-of-mind with their audience, fostering a deeper connection that can lead to increased donations in the long run.


Expanding on email marketing strategies can significantly enhance a nonprofit's fundraising efforts and impact. By hosting virtual fundraising events, nonprofits can bring supporters together and create memorable experiences that drive donations and strengthen relationships. Furthermore, email drip campaigns provide a powerful means to engage potential donors and build a deeper understanding of your organization's mission. When combined with the previously mentioned tactics like personalization, storytelling, transparency, and expressing gratitude, these additional approaches can help nonprofits create effective email marketing campaigns that lead to greater donations and a broader reach for their meaningful causes. Remember, email marketing is not just about asking for support; it's about building authentic connections with donors and making a lasting impact on your mission.

Do you need help with your nonprofit email marketing efforts? Whether you have an existing process that isn't working or none at all, the team at The Eternal CRM and 3V have affordable, amazing solutions for you! Feel free to contact us to discuss the unique ways we can help you increase donations using EFFECTIVE email marketing campaigns.

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Ginger Lucy

Ginger Lucy, co-founder of 3V Business Solutions and owner of Metro-Detroit company 3V Designs, is a UI designer, developer and brand strategist. She is passionate about and works almost exclusively with non-profit organizations, with focus on marketing and systems that drive fundraising. Ginger often works on projects with small and midsize businesses and emerging entrepreneurs in branding and management of their online presence. Ginger Lucy began her career in design and development in 2012 and her skills include branding, graphic design, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) web development, content writing, strategic planning and CRM funnel & web design. She is passionate about and works almost exclusively with non-profit organizations, with focus on brand strategy, design, marketing and systems that drive fundraising to further missions.

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